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          ALTEN-TECHNO company was created on the basis of associations of engineering and technical departments for the installation of security systems, automation systems, as well as architectural design and installation of all-glass structures and offers its services in the design, installation, adjustment of engineering and technical systems at facilities of various categories of complexity.

          ALTEN-TECHNO engineering networks and systems installation division offers the following works:

  • Installation and modernization of engineering networks and facilities: structured cable networks, electrical networks;
  • Introduction of industrial automation systems.

        ALTEN-TECHNO engineering structures installation division offers the following works:

  • Installation of all-glass structures, spider systems;
  • Design and installation of entrance groups: automatic doors, facades;
  • Stainless steel fences;
  • Architectural design of the project

Repair and reconstruction of existing engineering systems.
Warranty and maintenance service.
Project management.


ALTEN-TECHNO energy saving technologies division offers the following works:

  • Design, installation of roofs from solar tiles;
  • Design, installation of translucent solar facades with built-in solar modules.


ALTEN-TECHNO's innovative technologies division offers the following works:

  • Development of the antenna systems;
  • Development and implementation of robotic devices and systems.

We constantly search for and support innovative ideas in the areas of electrical engineering, energy, robotics, communications and other technical areas.


We hope for a long and mutually beneficial cooperation.
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